Friday, March 18, 2011

Busy With Cleaning?

I totally blew that blog title. I've tried to get some cleaning done, BUT....

If you are the mother of a food allergic child, you know your job is never done (and if you are the room mom of said child... I bow to you because I know your pain).

Son: Allergic to wheat, rye, barley, oat, egg, peanut, tree nut

School: We are celebrating

St. Joseph's Day and this involves making bread in class and giving it an egg wash. "How would you like to handle this?"

My response: (after much stammering and verbalizing of options) "Let's just make the bread in class. What's the worse that can happen? (insert nervous laughter here)" I'll be there the whole time and I'll clean everything and everyone. I'll take care of my son and what he makes, and I'll man the Epi Pen "JIC".
(Yea, no nightmares there....)

So two months later "Bread D-Day" came about and I thought to myself "What the heck were you thinking????". But it was a bit too late.

I made safe bread dough. And I packed a box of safe utensils, foil, parchment paper, olive oil, cleaning supplies, etc... but I was sweating. SWEATING IN A BIG WAY. (My Secret deodorant totally gave out).

The non allergic kids were working with pre-made bread dough (And just so we're clear: no loose wheat flour was used in class. This dough was pre-made/store bought. I have no comfort zone for wheat flour floating around in the air. When corn bread was made in this fashion in the class last year I requested that the bread be made in a room that my son did not use and he was not in attendance). I have no knowledge of that around my son. We do not use wheat flour in our house AND when I make non allergy friendly homemade pizza, I use pre-made dough but my son is no where near our small amount of dough (dedicated pans).

The kids loved working with the dough. And they dug there hands into it and whipped it around like it was play dough (good luck to you wheat eating people because some hit the floor and boogers abounded that day).

So how did it go? FINE. It went fine. Let's just say that I cleaned the crap out of that room after this activity. I brought all of my own cleaning paraphernalia (this room as never been this clean). Then I stayed glued to my cell phone the rest of the day "in case" there was some kind of contact or secondary allergic reaction (and there was NONE).

I would not want to do this every day, but once a year is worth the stress and anxiety to make sure my son is included. He was so happy that he could do what the other kids could do. They baked all the bread together (so we'll throw his out). I made more for him at home, on a dedicate pan and in a dedicated oven last night. He loved it and was happy with how it all came together.

And all of this culminated into this:

Dear St. Joseph, Thank you for a wonderful day. Thank you for hearing my prayers and keeping my son safe.

Life with food allergies is interesting, busy, hectic and rewarding (Yes, really...).


Bailey's Leaf said...

In my Baptist ignorance, isn't St. Joseph the guy who you bury in your front yard to sell your house?

Whatever saint he is, he did a fine job keeping J- away from the nasticiousness that is wheat. Now, if he could have kept him safe from the tonnage of boogers, that would be great, too.

Thanks for posting yet another revealing bit on living with food allergies.

Theresa said...

I can totally relate.

Watch out for PLAY DOH. My girls were unable to participate in the Sunday School play doh activities...due to the bottle saying "CONTAINS WHEAT".

I worry about over reacting....then I worry about under reacting. =)