Monday, November 02, 2009

A quick update

I took the Little Man to the pediatrician today. He woke up screaming last night because his throat hurt and he had hives on his hand again:(
They did a strep test and he's positive. And as they put it, "He's not a little positive, it came back full blown".

I asked that ER doc on Saturday to do a strep test and he said "Nope, no need to. He's fine". This was after a 2 second peek in his throat. Now I wish I would have demanded one. He could have been on antibiotics for 24 hours already.

The pediatrician said her first thought on the hives is that they were caused by the strep. That was my first thought when it happened (viral hives)because he hadn't been feeling well but he did eat the candy and then they just appeared. Also, he was sneezing more and lots and lots of "stuff" was coming out of his nose that wasn't coming out before. Maybe a combo of both? I don't think we'll ever really know what caused the reaction. Lynda from Kids with Food Allergies was kind enough to send me information on where I can send the candy to have it tested for allergens. I think I'll be doing that.... just to see.

But he's better now. He's on antibiotics and Orapred (oh why oh why the steroids??? He's like the energizer bunny on speed...) and Zyrtec.

Now I'm just waiting for the older one to fall. You know it's coming...
I'm cleaning the whole house with hydrogen peroxide trying to stave off the inevitable.


Thanita said...

Oh dear you can't catch a break! {{hugs}} Take care!

Marty said...

Moms just KNOW.

PEA said...

My goodness, what a Halloween you had! Glad you brought him to his pediatrician to get him checked out again, they truly don't do a good job of it at the ER apparently!! Poor little guy, he goes through so much and I know as a parent how hard it is on you as well. I'm glad to hear he's feeling better now and hopefully no more ER visits for a long while!! xoxo

Michelle said...

ugh! I'm sorry to hear it was strep after all! Poor guy having the throat pain when they could have given him the antibiotics the first time! hope he is feeling better!