Friday, January 23, 2009

Maybe we're all peanut free?

For a complete list of recalled products you can go to the FDA's website. It's scary how much stuff has been recalled. As of this morning 31 million pounds of peanut products have been recalled.

Kind of makes that argument about how healthy peanut butter is for us seem a little silly now, doesn't it? (I'm just saying....)

But seriously, make sure to check your cabinets. Some of these recalled products go back to Aug/08.


Gab said...

Is it terrible that I'm getting a teeeeny bit of pleasure out of the fact that so many people now need to check labels just like we have to do EVERY day? I hate to think of people getting sick and dying from this though. This is the one time being peanut free is on our side!

T with Honey said...

Thank you for the link to the FDA site! Every time I've seen an update on this in the news sites the don't bother linking to the official recall list. Reminds me of the problem with spinach and tomatoes last year.

And being pregnant I really don't want to risk salmonella.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Tossed 26 packages of peanut butter crackers the other day and called the Kellogg's line for a refund. I bought some of those for a snack for K-'s school. They had already had them once (back in the fall-- I bought the pack at Sam's) and I had 4 packs of crackers in the car as storm food. I need to check again to see if I need to give the jar the heave-ho.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Makes me wish I could grow all of our food myself.

PEA said...

As I've said before, we won't be able to eat anything bought pretty soon if this keeps up! Makes you wonder why all of this has been happening lately...why didn't we have these types of recalls years ago? Did the foods always have something "wrong" with them but passed inspection because the health safety rules weren't as strict as they are now? Really makes you wonder! xoxo