Monday, September 08, 2008

Being thankful even when you don't want to be

I'm teaching PSR (Parrish School Religion) this year. And I have the 3 year olds. Part of me has been glad about it and part of me has been thinking "this is just one more thing I really don't need to be doing".
Yesterday we had a meeting to discuss our lessons and to get our guides and lesson plans for the year. I REALLY didn't want to go to the meeting. But I signed up and committed so now I'm "stuck". The whole reason I signed up in the first place is because the Little Man will be attending the PSR 4 year old class. That class already has a teacher who's been doing it for 11 years. My options were to teach another class or sit on the bench in the hall and wait for him. I just couldn't leave the building. See the PSR teachers are all volunteers. And I just didn't think it was fair to ask them to learn how to use the EPI Pen and keep him safe.
And after yesterdays meeting, I'm now so thankful that I'll be teaching right across the hall from him.
I spoke with his PSR teacher and filled her in on all his food allergies (wheat, rye, barley, oat, egg, milk, peanut, and tree nut) and I gave her a copy of the "rules" that I gave the preschool last week. She glanced them over and gave me a glazed look and said "Well, we don't use paste or play dough". So that's good! I explained that I'll drop off the EPI Pen with him each week and she recoiled. NO KIDDING, it was a visible recoil. I think it really scared her. That's when I told her "That's why I'm right across the hall. If you have any problems or even THINK there is a problem, just holler and I'll come running". She seemed relieved. She's a really nice lady, but the EPI Pen is a lot of responsibility and one that I'm pretty sure that she didn't want. The Sister that runs PSR has told me in the past that she is more than willing to be trained, and that's fine, but she's sometimes at the other end of the building, so that doesn't work for me.
So now instead of being sad that I signed up to teach, I'm very thankful. I'll be right there to make sure that my son is safe. And instead of just wasting my time sitting on the bench, I'll get to spend an hour each week teaching little children about our Lord. How great is that??


Barb said...

Bless you for volunteering!

Michelle said...

it sounds like it's a win-win situation!

annie said...

I think with more info about the severity of food allergies people are starting to understand how serious it is. I'm sure it gives her peace of mind to have you close by. I'm like you, I usually regret when I've committed to a new job like teaching a class, but the blessings from doing it start flowing almost immediately. So it's always worth the effort.

Sue said...

Oh wow. It's great that you'll be across the hall from him. If you remember, I flaked at the teacher meeting and forgot to ask her if she was trained on the epi pen. I asked her the 1st day of school and she hadn't. I spoke to the new director (the teacher was with 2 crying 3 year olds - not the best time) and she said she knew how to use it and another assistand was the one who trains others on medical first aid, so I can talk to her. I did and she'd never been trained on the epi pen. Let me add that the OLD director had told me EVERYONE knew how to use them. So, I trained the one aid and the receptionist on the front porch of the school and then checked with the assistant in Kayla's room who has bene trained also (although never really used one - neither have I). It was a bit of a cluster, but I got it worked out. I just have to find out from her teacher when I can show her. I think she should know - not just the aid. Everyone else is upstairs - Kayla's the only classroom that is downstairs. The office is down there, but the receptionist may not be there at any given time.

Oy - sorry for the ramble. I'm glad she feels better with you close by. It is a lot of responsibility.


Danielle said...

Did you already start classes? How do you like making a lesson plan? I new you guys went to church and that the boys go to catholic schools but I didn't know that they did PSR too! You guys sure do have a lot going on.... What about soccer? I know that has to be coming up! We would love to come to a game again!