Sunday, June 29, 2008

Florida - We've made it!

Day one of our trip went WAY better than I had hoped. The kids traveled so well. The Little Man slept the entire plane ride and I could not have asked for anything more, especially when they served a turkey sandwich, KitKat, and Fritos for a snack. Thank you travel agency for your tip that "pretzels will be the snack". Your (lack of) thoroughness has been dually noted.

Hubby and Older Boy on the shuttle on our way to the airport:


The Little Man on the shuttle:


The flight was totally uneventful which was what I was praying for. I HATE flying. I've always had a fear, but this is the first time I've flown since September 11, and it weighed heavily on my mind.

When we got to Florida and the hotel, things didn't go quite like I had planned. Our room wasn't ready yet so we had to find something to do until it was. The boys have been talking about the LEGO Store for MONTHS, so I figured that was our best place to go. It's located in downtown Disney and the kids can play with Lego's before they buy what they want (my kids took FOREVER picking out just the right Lego's to buy...)

Boys in Lego heaven:


The Little Man whining that they "just didn't have the RIGHT Lego pieces to build with":


Older Boy in Lego Nirvana:


How did they build that?:


Dad and the boys building Lego racers (notice that Dad is holding my Food Allergy Information book. He's such a trooper):


After Lego land (and the $5 million dollars we left there), everyone was hungry so we attempted our first "eating out" with our food allergy child. We ended up at Rain Forest Cafe on the advice of our hotel. It was the cutest place with a great atmosphere for the kids.

(that smiley lady was not with us, but she must have known she was in our picture)



The Little Man, showing off Lego's and so excited to be eating at a restaurant:


We told the host that he had food allergies, so he made a note of it and told us to make sure we informed our server. Our super nice server came to take our drink order and when I mentioned food allergies she wouldn't let us order ANYTHING until we talked to the chef. The chef came out and we told him what the Little Man was allergic to and he gave us our options and told us that he would make sure that everything was kept separate. We ordered the Little Man's food first so they could get started on it. He ended up with 3 mini burgers and a banana. To you it may seem odd, but it's a typical meal for him so he LOVED it:


We ate there with no issues and they really took good care of us. I give them 2 food allergy thumbs up.

We then went back the hotel to check in and regroup and decided that we should go to Epcot that evening.

The first thing we did when we got there was to visit the "Character sighting" and let the boys get their pictures taken and autograph books signed:

Boys with Mickey:


Pluto having a "moment" with the Little Man:


With Minnie Mouse:


Chip and Dale:


And Goofy:


The only "ride" we rode that night was the Nemo ride and the boys thought it was just great:

(notice the Little Man's face of awe)

Under the sea:


Oh no, a shark got 'em:


A great start to our Disney trip:


Overall it was an exhausting but wonderful first day! And there is much more to come....


annie said...

I loved the nemo ride! The first day sounds like a blast ... wish I was there again!

Gab said...

The kids look SOOOOO HAPPY! I'm so glad you made the trip. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Barbara H. said...

Wow, it looks like such fun!! I am so glad all went well. That restaurant sounds wonderful.

pinkexplosion said...

We LOVE the Rainforest Cafe! Because of the $$ we usually wait for a grandparent visit to go ;). It is nice to know that they were so helpful and accomodating.

Legoland looks like a blast, with us having a boy I am sure we will have to visit there!

Can I also just say I am amazed your boys let their picture get taken with Minnie Mouse!

Christie O. said...

welcome back!! i am paranoid just the same about telling the web when i'm going out of town or when my husband is, for that matter. you never know who's reading! anyway, how much fun is that! i love that pluto picture -- so cute!!!!!!!

it looks like you guys had a blast!!!

jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear that you guys had such a good time! Great picturess & thats nice to know about the Rainforest Cafe! We have one here in CT and I'll suggest it to some food allergy families I know!

All my love, Carmen said...

Woah, cool! My kiddo was just hanging over my shoulder when I was reading, she saw the pics and asked "Can WE go there???" Glad you guys had fun.

Sue said...

I'll have to show these pics to Kayla later. She's getting excited for our trip. 6 months seems like forever, but I know it will fly by.

Glad you liked the Rainforest cafe. That's on our list of possibles.

Did you make up that allergy handbook? I started a binder too for all our stuff. My allergy section is the thickest. :)

PEA said...

All of this excitement in just one day!! I wish I could have been there:-) I'm still giggling over the boys in the shark's mouth cool is that!! We have Rainforest Cafes here too and I've been to a couple of them...I think they're awesome. When they start the thunder and lightning and the animals start to I said, awesome! lol Glad to hear the staff was so helpful in making sure the Little Man had a great safe meal!! Loved all the pictures, especially with the Disney characters! xoxo