Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 2 - The Magic Kingdom

And it was truly magical!


The view that greets you as you enter. We were also greeted by a parade. The boys were totally excited.


Main Street


The Little Man in his chariot ready to get going. The face says "Enough pictures mom, lets ride something".

And ride we did. We started out in Tomorrowland. I don't know why, we just did. And our first ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. Everyone loved it. After that Older Boy and I got a fast pass for Space Mountain so we could come back later and then we rode a few more rides. After a while everyone was hot and hungry so we did lunch at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. I pretty much stuck to the information that WDW special diets sent me and if a restaurant (counter)wasn't in their information, we didn't eat there. I knew we would eat at the Starlight Cafe because they offered a couple of safe things for the Little Man including hot dogs and hamburgers with Ener-G rolls and buns but the best part was that they would bake french fries for him since they don't have a dedicated fryer. He could live on hot dogs and french fries the whole time we were there and be perfectly happy. By the way, breakfast that morning was safe cereal and soy milk in our hotel room (just in case anyone was wondering).

When we got there, the Starlight Cafe was P.A.C.K.E.D. It was noon but it really doesn't matter what time you get there, it's always packed. One of the workers told my hubby that it's the second busiest restaurant in the world (behind the Moscow McDonalds). I got in line and the line actually moved pretty quickly. I already had an idea of what I was ordering the Little Man - the hot dog and baked fries so that meant I needed to be in line at "Bay 2". There are 3 "Bays" and each one offers something different. One is soup and salad, one is burgers and dogs and I don't remember what the last one is. I really wanted a salad, but it wasn't in our "Bay" and I wasn't about to stand in line again for 45 minutes just for myself, so I decided that I was eating to survive this week, not for health and not because I "liked it". When I got up to order I told the girl that "I have a child with multiple food allergies" and she said "OK, I'll get a manager for you". Then you step aside and let the next people go while you wait for a manager. Even though I knew what I wanted to order, it's always a good idea to get a manager because they let the kitchen know that it's an "allergy order" and they watch it the whole time. When the manager came over I explained about the Little Man's allergies and rattled off what the allergies were and she got out her book and we checked to see what was safe (this was my way of double checking the info I already had). The hot dog on the Ener-G bun and baked fries was ordered and I ordered the rest of the families food. The manager took the allergy order directly the kitchen and put the non allergy food order on it's own try. Because the allergy order took longer, she walked me back to our table so she could see where we were sitting and then she returned with the allergy order when it was completed. She also came back to double check with us that everything was ok and that we didn't need anything else. This was one of the best "food allergy services" we received while there and I can't thank Lillian enough for all she did for us. The Little Man also wanted ketchup and it came from one of those big "self serve" vats with no name so I had to hunt Lillian back down to find out what kind it was and if it was safe (and it was. It was Heinz). The Little Man was MORE THAN THRILLED with his hot dog and fries (sorry no picture. I forgot in all the chaos of the moment).
Along with several hundred people, you are eating with the sounds of "Sonny Eclipse".


This large singing alien can get slightly annoying after a while, but he became the Little Man's best friend because "Sonny made me french fries".

Oh, and if you are planning on staying free of your childs allergens like I was and you really want a salad so you can eat it with a fork so your hands stay clean, do not make my mistake and get the child's grilled chicken salad which is the only salad listed in "Bay 2". It really is child sized and you will be starving.

After our successful lunch, we rode more rides and eventually waited in line to meet Pooh Bear. It was 97 degrees that day and Pooh stands out in the blazing sun. The line was pretty short but Pooh takes a 5 minute break every few minutes so we waited over an hour. I thought we were going to die of heat stroke. It was SOOOOO bad. How bad? Bad enough that I got out of line and spent $34.00 on 2 spray bottles with fans that you wear around your neck and look like a total goober. But I swear they saved our lives.


They FINALLY met Pooh.


And Tigger and Darby too!

Then Older Boy and I went to ride Space Mountain with our Fast Pass. The ride broke down so our pass wasn't so fast, but we eventually rode it and had a blast.

Hubby and the Little Man went back to the Starlight Cafe to listen to more Sonny Eclipse and to enjoy the air conditioning and when we finally made it back to them we saw this:


The Little Man napping (passed out) in his chariot. He napped like this every afternoon and it worked out well.

We rode so many things that day and had a blast. The boys loved "It's a small world" and I wasn't sure that they would and they both adored the "Haunted Mansion" and I really didn't want to take the Little Man on it, but he insisted and wanted to ride it a second time.

Dinner that night was a character meal at Liberty Tree Tavern . They serve salad, ham, pork, flank steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans and rolls. And it's all family style.
I made the reservation 100 days before the trip and told them at that time about the food allergies and what they were. They marked it in the computer and gave me a number to call a month before we went. At that time I spoke with a chef that assured me that they could accommodate his allergies and the chef told me what kind of things they could do for him. When we got there I gave them our name and the person said "Oh I see you have food allergies, let your server know and he will bring the chef to your table". Once we were seated we let the server know and he went and got the chef. What they did was to make the Little Man up his own plate with ham, pork, flank steak, dairy free mashed potatoes, steamed green beans and Ener-G dinner rolls from the kitchen. This way he had what we had, but his was completely safe. Our dessert was apple cobbler with ice cream so they made him a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free brownie and rice dream ice cream. He loved it!
When we got there I wiped everything down, but I must have missed something. This is where he kept saying "I'm itchy!" and was dancing around. We didn't see any hives, but I gave him Benadryl anyway and he seemed fine after that. This happened before any food came out so we assume it was some sort of contact reaction if it was a reaction at all.


Minnie at our table.


Chip and the boys.


Ener-G dinner roll.


The Little Man's safe dinner.


We have a hard time getting him to use utensils.


Evidence of some kind of issue.


Chip comes back and has a "moment" with the Little Man.


Look what I've got!


Doesn't that look yummy!? How nice of them to have this for him.


Now it's Dale's turn.


Daddy and Older Boy riding Dumbo.


The Little Man rode with me.

It was another great day!! Stay tuned for Day 3....

And speaking of contact reactions... I took the boys to see Wall-E today. It was the Little Man's first movie. I've always been afraid to take him because of all the food. I bought him safe candy and both boys Gatorade and I smuggled in safe food. I wiped down the seat handles and booster seat. He LOVED the movie and loved being at the movie, BUT toward the end of the movie he started scratching. I asked him if he was ok and he said "yes" but I didn't think so. He kept scratching and I gave him Benadryl and then the movie was over. When we left I looked and sure enough there were a few hives on the inside of his arm. I really hate food allergies. Maybe next time I could bring a giant sheet to cover his whole chair. I'm sure it had to be contact because he only ate safe items. Would a giant sheet make him feel too different? He really loved the movie and I'd hate for him not to be able to go anymore. Maybe one of those plane sheets over the movie seat and his own booster seat. I'll have to think about this.


andria said...

I think (hope) we are doing Disney next year. I loved seeing the pics and hope we have as good a time. I am glad they took care of you food wise.

About the movie, we always brought blankets with us because it was so cold, maybe bring one for all of you so he wouldn't stand out much?

annie said...

Day two looks like so much fun! I love reading about your trip!

Christie O. said...

i laughed out loud with the spray bottle goober thing. hahaha! i probably would have done it too. it is BRUTAL HOT down here. all day. every day. that is so wonderful that they were so accomodating to you guys and he got to enjoy himself and his food!!!! wow. i love that picture of him crashed. so cute!

Anonymous said...

You gotta love Disney! The hive thing...Mya used to "Hive out" (as we used to call it) at anything. Even though everything was safe and I cleaned everything thoroughly!!!!!! She stopped doing that as she got older, hopefully he will grow out of it too. It is pretty scary and makes you feel like "What did I do wrong?" I love to hear about Disney we are waiting until our youngest it a tad bit older to go. And maybe we will be grown out of all our food allergies by then! Hope to see you tonight!

:) Dawn

twithhoney said...

I can't believe how excited I am for your entire family. To be able to enjoy a family vacation together and keep Little Man safe, wow, must be truly priceless.

It is nice to know that some places will go the extra mile to accommodate his allergies.

Jess P. said...

This sounds like a great trip! How wonderful that Disney works so hard to make it a great trip for EVERY child!!

Sue said...

Talk about a total goober - reading about your restaurant experiences has me crying. It's just so wonderful when people take your child's safety so seriously. :)

Kayla hasn't been to a movie yet, and when I do eventually break down - I will definitely be bringing a sheet or a plane seat cover. I can't deal with the butter. Sorry he had that reaction and the one at the restaurant. But I'm so glad they were enjoying themselves so much!

PEA said...

You're really making me want to go to Disney!! That last picture says it all...look at that happy face:-) I think it's so terrific that the food places you went to were so willing to make sure that the food was safe. The pictures are all so colourful...I was thrilled to see Winnie the Pooh, he's my favourite Disney character:-) xoxo

pinkexplosion said...

Love that they had chocolate cake for him!

As far as the movies go - we don't have food allergies I am just a germaphobe and we make our daughter sit on a sheet, after I have sprayed the whole thing with Lysol ;)....crazy I know!

Anonymous said...

my uncle is the manager of the resturant!

Adrienne said...

I am so glad to know that I'm not the only mom who took pictures of all the food Drew got to eat as we went through the World on vacation...the great food and safe prep practices really are a highlight of the trip for my son!