Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Not Easy To Be The Little Guy

Today the Little Man woke up sad because it wasn't his day to go to school. Yes, this is the same child that screamed and cried when I dropped him off all through August and September (part of October too I think). But now he loves it and wants to go every day. I'm not sure it's really school that he's so enamored with. I think it's his big brother. He wants to be just like him.
Every day he walks around saying "I think my teeth are loose and falling out". He just can't stand the fact that he's only 3 and will have to wait another 2 years until he actually starts losing his teeth.
Big Brother is cool. And so are Big Brothers friends. Older Boy was having a play date after school today and the Little Man asked me ALL DAY "If it's time yet"? He couldn't wait for the friend to come over. Now you know that Older Boy and his friend didn't really want to play with the Little Man. At first they shunned him. They ran past him and locked themselves in Older Boys room banishing the Little Man into the "Pesky Little Brother" section of the house. He was none too pleased and I felt sorry for him. He waited all day for this and he couldn't be a part of the action. His wailing and gnashing of teeth started to get on my nerves too, so even though it went against my mommy instincts I had to step in on his behalf. I didn't MAKE them play with him, but I strongly suggested that it might be nice if they included him.
And include him they did. He was the bad guy, the villain, and at one point I think he was the "dog". The Little Man was in heaven. He may have been getting beat up, shot at with Nerf guns and thrown in jail (at one point he took a slam into the wall where he received a bruised knee) but he was included. He felt like he was part of the gang. As his mother, I felt a little sorry for him. I knew that he wasn't really part of the gang and that they were just using him as a whipping post. I had to stop myself from intervening on his behalf. See to him it wasn't a problem. To him it was better to be the dog than to be left out. He felt that Big Brother and his friend were his friends. Sometimes it's better to let these things play themselves out. Some day he'll figure it out. And when he does, I hope Older Boy can run fast. I have a feeling the Little Man is going to get even.


Aimee said...

Oh yeah - he will! He can ask Fiver all about his strategies for getting his sister's goat (they work every time)

We know the "playdate groupie" syndrome all too well over here, and it is especially hard when you want to play with your older sister and her friends. They try to do your hair!

Sue said...

Oh payback's a ... :)

I'm glad he's like school now. That's wonderful. Kayla gets so upset when she's sick and can't go.

Five-Browns said...

ROFL. I could have written this post!! Just substitute The Little Lady and Big Sister for your two. My girls are 6,3 and our house is the SAME. Right down to the loose tooth conversations. And the "dog" scenario! So funny.