Monday, January 07, 2008

As The Stomach Turns

Well everyone WAS feeling better. Hubby and Older Boy have been "on again, off again" with the stomach thing (also referred to as the Black Plague). Everything seemed reasonably well this weekend. We shopped for new furniture all weekend. Nothing special. Just 2 new leather recliners and some end tables. I have a preference when I shop for furniture. I like to peruse the store before I let the vultures pick my bones, I mean sales people help me. The first store we went to was very expensive and I was just window shopping. I just like to check out what I'd really want, say, if we hit the lottery. Since we don't even play the lottery, we moved on to another store. The sales lady there was very helpful and not too vulture like at all. I took pictures of the room and explained to her what I wanted to do and she actually thought my two chair idea wasn't the best one she'd ever heard of. She wasn't all that thrilled with our decorating skillz for the room either. She had quite a few suggestions on how we should move the furniture around (and possibly remove a few pieces, but for me that's not an option). So we left there with the some furniture moving tips, the need for only one leather recliner, two end tables, a sofa table, and some lamps. When we got home, we moved the furniture around and you know what? That lady was right. I stink at decorating. The room looks a thousand times better with her suggestions and we didn't even buy anything yet. So Sunday, armed with our new knowledge of what we REALLY wanted and thinking we were "professional" now we headed an hour away to our favorite furniture store to see what they had. We hadn't been there in a couple of years and sadly, things have really gone down hill. They no longer seem to carry "better quality" furniture. Or if they do, I was unable to locate it. The guy that "helped us" (his name was Dino Pacino and no I'm not joking) was a really corker. He just wanted to send me to the "off brand and clearance area". I kept trying to tell him that although I like a good bargain, I actually like good furniture better and was looking for something different. That was a waste of 3 1/2 hours and a lot of very expensive gas. So I'm still looking for the perfect furniture. Not too hard, not soft, just right.
After we got home from the excursion, everyone seemed tired. The Little Man took a nap and Older Boy was laying in the chair watching bad cartoons on Cartoon Network. Older Boy was pretty quiet until he said "I think I'm going to be sick". Luckily nothing happened last night, but this morning was a different story. Today was supposed to be his first day back from Christmas Break, but he definitely missed it. Maybe tomorrow too. This is like the stomach yuck that won't end. Just when you think it's over it rears it's ugly head again. Hubby said he didn't feel that good again either. The Little Man is still holding his own (knock on wood).
So maybe tomorrow everyone will feel better. It's 65 degrees here today and I opened all the windows to try and air all the bad stuff out. I'm running out of Lysol and bleach. Sooner or later the stomach yuck must leave our house. I just hope it doesn't take anyone else out before it does.


Ben1986 said...

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Barbara H. said...

I hate shopping at furniture stores because of the vultures -- such an apt description!! If they'd just let me look on my own I would be glad to come get them if/when I find anything.

Hope the stomach yuck leaves pronto!! We haven't had it far...hopefully we won't.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Michelle said...

Furniture shopping is such a long process! I hope you find what you're looking for!

Sorry to hear the stomach bug hasn't left yet :(