Friday, January 19, 2007

Fridays Feast # 127

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Which television shows do you just refuse to miss?
I don't have any that I REFUSE to miss, life is too short of that, but I don't like to miss Desperate Housewives. We don't have TiVo, and we can't tape anything on the VCR's since we switched to DirecTv. I don't know if something isn't hookedup up right, or if I just don't know what I'm doing, or if it isn't possible, but I wasn't able to tape Bob Greene on Oprah the other day and that made me kind of sad.

Who did you last speak to on the telephone?
My mother

How many pillows do you keep on your bed?
2 to sleep with and 9 decorative

Main Course
Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you'd love to have.

What is your favorite foreign food?
Italian (pasta, wine, sharp provolone cheese....yummy).

You are invited to Fridays Feast to dine on more yummy delights.


Raggedy said...

Great Friday Feast!
I posted my second one.
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Asara said...

Delicioso! :D
I love Italian food too.. though I'm more partial to Fettucini Alfredo.. mmm, with shrimp on it!
Happy Friday!!

Heart of Rachel said...

I like Desperate Housewives too. I adore pasta dishes particulary white sauce pasta dishes. Sharp provolone cheese, sounds delectable.

Mine is up too.

Hootin'Anni said...

Ya, I have to agree with your choice of cheese too. But, hey-------ANY cheese will do since I love it.

My feast is served.

jenny said...

I enjoyed your feast!

Seems like we might have a lot of things in common. Except TV---I never got into Desperate Housewives! I also love Italian foods---I almost said lasagne or something like that.

lots of pillows!

Barbara H. said...

I've seen Photoshop mentioned a number of times -- will have to see what that's about! :) I love Italian, too, second to Mexican.

Thanks for the feast!

purejoy said...

Yummy feast! I have Photoshop Elements. I think it's similar to Photoshop. I love it!

Peach said...

Great feast. I have Photoshop Elements, too.

Have a great weekend!!

The Deans said...

Ooh! I found another member of the "two boy" club while reading fellow Friday Feasters! :) I'm going to have to read more on your blog! I posted my 2nd feast today...

kaliblue said...

Oh what a yummy feast... Thanks for sharing:-).

Michelle said...

I wish I could figure out photoshop!

Sparky Duck said...

yea photoshop is great and you may not have something plugged in right, though I dont think you can record directly from TiVo to the VCR, it has to go to Tivo first, then u send it to tape later

Sanni said...

Thanks for serving this yummy feast!
I´m sorry, I didn´t make it earlier – our internet connection didn´t do its job =(
My feast is served @ - Dine with me, please! Thanks =)