Monday, January 29, 2007

And The Results Of The Allergy Tests Are....

NEGATIVE. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThat's a good thing and I am not complaining. I'm also not running out and eating shell fish anytime soon. They tested about 20 things on my back and 18 subcutaneous (small injections under the skin) things on my arm. Only thing that showed a small positive was dust mites. No shock there. Doesn't explain the head aches though. The Allergist laughed when I told him about the CAT Scan and the dye issue. He said that the dye/fish connection is an urban legend and that if you are allergic to the dye it's because you are allergic to the dye, not fish.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting He said that's like saying I had a heart attack in the spring because I have spring allergies. No connection. I love this guy. He really is a great doctor. He's my sons allergist so I've dealt with him before. And considering this was a total long shot, it was nice of him to spend as much time with me as he did. He spent the most time out of all the Doctors so far.

My conclusion to all of this: I'm not bleeding in my head and there is no tumor growing, so unless it becomes debilitating again like it was in the beginning, I'm going with it. I'm sure it will eventually go away. I'm at a loss and I'm tired of spending $20.00 for the co-pay to have people tell me nothing.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The weather held out and I didn't have to drive in the snow. My father got off of work early so my parents decided it would be better if they came here to watch the boys anyway (just in case the snow started later this afternoon). So far nothing. Maybe the weather people are wrong on the Alberta Clipper. I hope so. It was so nice of my parents to drive here (45 minutes one way). I think this is the 3rd time for Doctors appointments and they will be back on Sunday for the birthday. I'm very lucky to have them and to be able to count on them. I'd be lost without them (and out 50 bucks for the babysitter. I know $10.00/hr sounds excessive, but I think that's the going rate now).

The other bonus of the day was that I was able to go to the candy store and pick some "safe" Valentine's candy for Little Man. There are no safe commercial chocolates (that I know of) for all of his allergens, so I found a wonderful chocolate shop (right around the corner from the Allergist) that has safe chocolate. It's called
Chocolate Emporium. They are so nice and so helpful there and I am thankful to be able to find chocolate safe of gluten, egg, milk, and peanut. I didn't get much, because I usually go overboard and he really doesn't even eat it. We still have Easter candy (I think it's time to toss that). It's just that he gets something that looks like what everyone else is getting and he doesn't feel left out. I am so grateful to the people at Chocolate Emporium. It's actually a Kosher candy store and I was very surprised (pleasantly so) that they do crosses and bunnies for Easter. Needless to say I'll be back there in a month or so to pick up my Easter candy.
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Sue said...

Mmmmm...those chocolates look yummy. Especially the white chocolate heart. I've checked out their site b4. If I don't find something local to me that does dairy-free bunnies, I'll try calling them and ordering it. Kayla actually LOVES chocolate and will devour it. Just not sure I'll find bunnies at whole foods. kwim?

Glad your testing was negative. Had to laugh about the urban legend. Figures, right? Glad he was so good to you.

I hope your headaches go away. It's frustrating to be in so much pain and the doctors tossing you about between specialists make it all the more frustrating.

PEA said...

I'm glad to hear your allergy tests were negative...better to be safe than sorry. At least now you can go for that dye test without any worries if you decide to get it.

How wonderful that you're able to get chocolates that your little boy can eat:-)

scribbit said...

Well at least they were able to rule out a bit.

Ruth said...

i hope you're feeling better. at least you don't have allergies.
and hey, thanks for the tip on the chocolate emporium! i have to post it on my blog! :)

Michelle said...

That's good you got an answer once and for all about the fish allergies!

How cool to find a shop that has all those yummy treats you can buy him!

NoPeanuts said...

Hmmm ... maybe someday we'll be able to enjoy the negative allergy test. I've been blogging about our journey as parents to a child with anaphylaxis to peanuts and eggs.

Yesterday's post was about our first allergy test.

Check out 'The Verdict Is In' at: