Saturday, December 02, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt

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This weeks photo hunt: Light

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This is a picture of my boys standing in front of the Ocean City Maryland fire trucks. Our first night on vacation this year, someone thought it was funny to pull the fire alarm 2 times. The first time was 11:30 pm, and that was managable, but the second time (much less managable) was at 4:00 am and that was when I took this picture. It was foggy, so the lights from the fire trucks make the kids look like they are glowing. There was no fire either time we were evacuated. The kids still joke about it.

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This is a picture of our Christmas lights taken 2 years ago. We've added some since then, so I'll have to update this picture at some point. We had to unplug the Santa last night, becaue he would have blown away.

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celebrating life and family said...

Great photos for today!!! Love the one of your boys. I also love to look at the Christmas lights in town Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend

Barbara H. said...

Love the effect of that photo of your boys! I love Christmas lights, too.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Caylynn said...

Great photos! The top photo is very cool - what a neat effect. Your boys are adorable.

The Christmas lights photo is gorgeous. Just lovely.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weeken. :)

Suzy0928 said...

I really love how the kids look so glowing! What a great picture!

We haven't gotten to decorating the house I wonder if and when that will happen?

Happy Saturday!

Jenn said...

Cameras are so neat! The kids must think that photo is so cool!

mar said...

Love the boys' pic with the glow effect!
Nice Xmas lights too.
Happy saturday!

Pat said...

Ooo...a little eerie with the glowing kids there! LOL

Happy Weekend!oe

Michelle said...

great pictures for "lights" - and how frustrating that would have been to have a prankster pull the fire alarm at 4am when you're in a hotel!

GoofyJ said...

Uggh to being hauled out of bed at 4 in the morning over a praticle joke. Cool photo though, that is a neat effect. :) Thanks for coming by

Ma said...

Great photos! Your lights look beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.

Christine said...

I'm getting a digital camera for Christmas and I can't wait! Then maybe I can jump in on this scavenger hunt action. It's always so cool when you all do it. Love the lights on your house and your kids are adorable!

Teena said...

Cool pic!

Mine's up too :)