Friday, October 20, 2006


I am so mad at our zoo right now!!! Older Boy is even sicker today than yesterday. I am really concerned that we are moving into pneumonia. I called the zoo to see if we could either use our tickets to Boo at the Zoo for next week or if I could drive them up there and exchange them for tickets for next week. Our tickets are for tomorrow (Oct. 21), but I'd even exchange them for next Sunday which isn't sold out yet. They said that since I purchased our tickets on line, they could not help me. If I called and ordered them over the phone, and then drove there to pick them up, they'd try and work with me. WHAT???? What is the difference? They are both Boo at the Zoo tickets. So now I have a sick, crying four year old on my hands. He is very disappointed he is missing Boo at the Zoo. You'd think that because I'm a zoo member they'd at least make an effort here. But no, sorry, nothing for you. Well, I hope you're happy zoo. You made a sick little boy cry and you lost a zoo member. I'm sticking out my tongue at you...And getting ready to send you a nasty e-mail :(

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Barb said...

For pete's sake. It's a zoo! What, is there limited room for a certain number of visitors at one time? This sounds a little unreasonable to me and I don't blame you for being mad.